"time," also transliterated as Khronos)

We are Krontab
We Kreate We Innovate

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About Krontab

"time," also transliterated as Khronos), yes we save your time hence your money!

What we do is very simple. Explaining it though... it's one of those It's-a-long-story type of stories that might sound like Greek.

Well, that's part of the story. In a layman's language, ladies we apologize for this, we fix things - broken eggs, broken links, you name it. We even fix things that don't even exist yet. In other words, we create innovative solutions for your business before you can think of the problems. And we kick ass. We are not the best. We are the only ones that are good at this. Ask some of our clients.... if they say otherwise, we'll offer you a free lunch.


We bring innovative Kreativity in your business by:

  • Develop MIS for timely and productive management of your business
  • Mobile and web business processing
  • Business process automation
  • IT Security consultancy
  • State of art websites
  • System integration
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media manangement


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